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1. Supreme Wealth Alliance(SWA) ay isang homebased online business na pinapatakbo gamit ang facebook at internet. Purely online. Kahit nasa bahay ka lng.. Sakop nito ang buong mundo, bundok o patag bsta may internet connection at remittance center . Walang qualifications na hianihingi. Mayaman mahirap, nakapag-aral or not basta may pangarap at gusto kumita ng extra income in dollars welcome ka.

2.PRODUCTS NG SWA – Ang product natin ay ebooks and more electronic learning materials; video/audio tutorial, webmaster script, MLM software, icons, graphics,fonts,templates. They are “knowledge base” life changing product. Very useful sa pang araw2 nating pamumuhay. professionals,students, parents, and ordinary people are much to benefit from it. – These are downloadables easy to install on your computers,fast and quick. Portable, durable and safe, Earning with learnings..

3. Franco Renato Chaves – founder and natively from Cebu, 0ne of the most recognized Filipino in marketing.


Whether you like it or not, dadami at dadami ang members dito sa community and dadami at dadami rin ang pwedeng maunang maggrab ng SWA online business opportunity at dadami at dadami rin ang kikita dito..

We are not forcing anyone to join here. We are just sharing to you a convenient way and an opportunity for you to earn that extra P2500, P5000, P10,000, P20,000 per month or even much much higher na pwedeng makatulong sa iyong pangangailangang pinansyal habang nagiinternet ka lang na nanjan sa bahay..

Kagaya nga ng sabi ng mga successful na businessmen / entrepreneur, “If the price is reasonable for you to start your own business, don’t think of the money you will cash out, instead, think of the money you will earn!” Magkano nga ulit yung ilalabas na pera? P2,500 ONE TIME PAYMENT! Try mo magpatayo ng tindahan, baka sa materyales palang kulang pa yan.

click and watch the link:


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